IMG_8804 (1)Media Journalism Major, and brilliant brand innovator, I present to you, Cache` Castelow. Professionally, attending Central Arizona College concentrating her skills in Journalism/Mass Communication and Media Relations. As a newcomer behind and in front of the multimedia world Cache` Castelow has carved out her mark in script editing, creative writing, branding, marketing and much more. Miss Castelow can represent a company, work with the company and be the company collectively. Cache` ambitious persona works parallel with her vision and ability to succeed. In addition Cache’ has created, “GoalGetIt: Vision Board Series” to propel, motivate, and set to accomplish any goals to come to mind for her clients. Cache` escalated her writing and correspondent talents from a Entertainment News blog to a portfolio beginning her professional career in Journalism. “Feel free to check out the site, read about entrepreneurship, music, business, and lifestyle.
Have fun and Remember, “You Are Your Brand”- Cache` Castelow


“I definitely enjoyed the GoalGetIt: Vision Board Event. Everything was so well put together and the energy was amazing. It really warms my heart to see such strong, motivated and black women come together.. I will be attending the next one.. Thank you Cache’ You’re such an amazing person”- Kamisha Thomas

“The Vision Board Event was awesome, Cache’ is a very motivational person who can help you guide your dreams into their full potential this is a must go to event”- Keoni Wright

“I liked it and my daughter liked it, it was great. Eye opener and it helped put things into perspective” -Wendy Jones

“I enjoyed my time at the Vision Board Event, I put my Vision into action she really helped me see my goals”- Tiffani Thomas

“I liked how it was a visual of both of my short term and long term goals were. Seeing is believing sometimes.” – Talishia Dightmon